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The campaign revolves around advocating free, compulsory education for all Children between the ages of 5 -16 years in Pakistan. Increasing the standard of education that is currently being provided by the State is an integral part of the campaign; however, its heart and soul revolves around building awareness that the provision of education is a right that over 25 Million are deprived of.

The campaign is being executed with a fire of self ignition by the team of TNBT. Twitter, Facebook,Youtube, Slide Share, Flickr, SMS connectivity, are all part of this 360 degree initiative. With over 3,500 fans in just 3 days, the campaign is receiving an overwhelming response. Downloadable content such as Tool Kits, Case Studies and Testimonials are available on the page to increase user engagement for the campaign. Additionally, conversations are rapid, queries are instantly responded to, and as a result users are being sucked into the expansive umbrella of the campaign which provides a crucial connect between physical efforts being carried out and the virtual realm.

The Facebook fans are encouraged to take an Oath, and pledge to be ILMBASSADORs so as to work towards bringing the masses in the country out of the darkness and into the light. Viral videos, campaign themed profile pictures, and building a close user community are puzzle pieces that are being brought together by the TNBT team with the hope of revealing a light at the end of the tunnel for our country, Pakistan.

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