admin Aug 24, 2015


TNBT was presented with the task of positioning Cadbury as a brand that places great importance on family and relationships. The core objective for TNBT was to get people to interact with the brand and establish an emotional affiliation with the brand.

Our Approach:
A micro-site was fashioned where users could specifically create their own family trees and could pick and send personalized messages to loved ones. The activity was boosted with incentives being offered to those who created the largest family tree. Winners were announced at the end of the campaign. Both Facebook connect and email sign-ups were used for this campaign. Online advertising was also used to drive traffic to the website.
More than 2,100 trees were created on the micro-site with an average time of more than 3 minutes being spent.  The family tree campaign by Cadbury proved to be a great success with more than 9,400 messages sent in just 37 days.


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