COOL N COOL – PSL Play & Win- Microsite

admin Jul 04, 2016

Challenge: Pakistan Super League a first time ever, personalized cricket league of Pakistan was set for its debut. Cool and Cool brought with it the challenge to digitally alleviate the presence of one of PSL’s leading sponsors with an idea that could digitally unite its fans with the national cricket league. Team TNBT accepted the challenge to devise a strategy that incorporated both the spirit of cricket and to garner a reputable fan base that was committed to the tournament.

Solution: The challenge was to engage a great number of audiences that were not only cricket fans but were also connected to the world of web 24/7. The team strategically devised a microsite ‘Cool and Cool Play & Win’ that allowed fans to go through an exuberant rapid fire round and answer as many interactive questions as possible that increased their chances of winning exciting prizes.

Results: The microsite provided a far engaging environment for its audience where the users got a chance to participate and stay updated, our client Cool and Cool experienced an exponential growth that reached out to a very vast chunk of the target audience.


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