admin Jul 02, 2017

Challenges: With a population of over 180 million, Pakistan remains under the challenge to provide the best of the basic needs to its people. Utilizing the domain of Digital Media, inspiring charity organizations work tirelessly to bring forth a noticeable change in the society. This Ramadan, the Layton Rehmatullah Benevolent Trust (LRBT) put forth a social campaign that brought out the spirit of the Holy Month. With the ‘Help them See’ Digital Media campaign, team TNBT not only achieved greater milestones but it also brought forward the commendable work of the organization.

Solution: Team TNBT was to design and run a complete Digital Media campaign that was to touch a huge chunk of audience residing not only within Pakistan, but across the globe. The idea was to bring forth the spirit of charity and giving and to execute a campaign that worked towards acknowledging the positive works of LRBT, not only locally but globally.

Results: TNBT managed to achieve ground breaking results in terms of not only digitally engaging a global audience but also harboring a bigger financial milestone in-comparison to the previous year. The audience was very efficiently informed and enlightened about the change they are eligible to bring if only they understand the need, and step forward in, ‘Helping Them See’.


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