MCB-AH – Bachat ka Doosra Naam

admin Jul 04, 2016

Challenge: MCB- Arif Habib brought a challenging yet a very promising campaign, De-Tax Your Salary, an initiative by MCB-AH that was set to enable its consumers to De-Tax their salaries and at the same time get the opportunity to invest their hard earned money in various profitable ventures. To get the idea of De-Taxifying one’s salary was quite a challenging project to execute.

Solution: Team TNBT worked on projecting and delivering the campaign on the lines of an appealing and creatively designed visual content, and developed a campaign that was based on the strong pillar of ‘Bachat ka Doosra Naam’ animated video. The animated video was devised to creatively deliver the various aspects of the campaign and to get the idea across of the services provided by MCB-AH to its audience.

Results: The entire campaign was a massive hit that led to provide MCB-AH with successful leads through the campaign. The animated video was designed and compiled creatively to fully inform the consumers regarding the benefits associated with the De-Tax Your Salary campaign.



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