admin Aug 24, 2015


Creating a social presence on Facebook for Candi that is unique and interactive and that would capture a strong fan base with activities that not only offer high end incentives but gets users to share their content with the brand and the fellow fans, was the task at hand for TNBT.

TNBT used the Valentine’s Day Application as their initial activity to kick off on the page asking users to broadcast their love for their valentine by stating what they could do for their valentine. An application was launched here making the activity engaging for the users. People with the most likes to their content were announced on the page by the brand as well.
A focus on the tagline “Anything for Candi” was made and all campaigns were conducted around it.
Contests and interaction were centered on this concept and winners were announced regularly to keep the fans hooked.
As time progressed, different activities and occasions were capitalized on, April Fools and Cricket World Cup to name a few.

An astounding no of 30,000 fans were acquired within 10 days of the Facebook Fanpage launch. User generated content was extensively shared on the page with immense interactivity via various posts by the brand. Fans continue to grow on the page with the current fan count being more than 56,000 fans. The concept of “Anything for Candi…” played well with for all brand communication.   

“First and foremost, TNBT has proven to be the most responsive group of individuals I’ve ever encountered.  The team has always been outstanding at addressing my questions and concerns about Candi going social, in near light-speed fashion.  There has never been a single item of importance that has fallen through the cracks.”


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