admin Aug 24, 2015


L’Oreal Paris stepped into the Digital world with the aim of educating the elite on the different products the brand offer via different Social Media Platforms.  The challenge for TNBT was to create awareness and provide education with a pinch of product learning blended with different activities for engagement to increase their overall fan following on social.

TNBT captured the true essence of the International beauty brand and positioned it on social.
A Facebook page and a YouTube Channel were created for L’Oreal Paris Pakistan where numerous activities conducted on-ground were projected on social along with a blend of different themes to keep the users hooked.
Customized landing tabs were created where users were encouraged to take part in competitions / contests and get personalized expert advice on their skin/hair concerns.
Some of the most user appreciated campaigns include the Mall Animation coverage, Experts Advice, Cannes Film Festival, Color Story – The play of colors, and Revitalift Stimulift – For younger looking skin.

TNBT succeeded in making more than 39,000 fans on Facebook with about 28,000 monthly active users.
Loyal fans are made on page with the idea of personalized response on page showing users that brand is always available for them.
With this great a number, the page has proved to be quiet a success. Given the great fan following and users love and participation on the page, L’Oreal Paris Pakistan desires to maintain its interactivity with its fans and promises to commence activities which fans can identify and associate with.

“We know we have the best beauty products. TNBT has helped us rethink how we told our story and positioned L’Oreal within the social community. TNBT has truly captured the essence of L’Oreal and nailed the creative. We’re very excited about the success they’ve achieved on Facebook.”


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