Shell Helix

admin Aug 24, 2015


Shell knocked on TNBT’s door with the sole thought of launching a campaign where they could get users to interact, compete and qualify for attending F1 race in France. All they asked TNBT was to bring to life their thought of a successful campaign for Shell where they could register users for the Ferrari Event.

TNBT understood Shell’s needs and came up with a happening proposition by the name of ‘Shell Ferrari Experience’.
They thought and came up with the big idea of bringing the Ferrari Experience to life on Digital via an experiential campaign.
It was simple and addictive. TNBT created the same F1 experience online, using the same gaming elements, like the cars, the tracks, the sound; everything was to be an exact replica of F1.
TNBT created different touch points for Shell where users could interact at different levels and qualify themselves for the lucky draw to win a ticket to the Ferrari Event in France.

An integrated point system was also developed which had a referral system, a game and a quiz revolving around Shell products to keep the users engaged and well entertained at the same time.

TNBT succeeded in creating the same Ferrari racing experience for the Netizens online. A successful microsite was run with a total dwell time of 5minutes for each visitor. 5000 referrals were sent via users with more than 12,000 users playing the game.


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