admin Aug 24, 2015


New to the idea of Digital Advertising and Social Media, Imtiaz Super Market joined hands with TNBT with the sole objective of satisfying their customers Online.
The chore for TNBT was to increase brand awareness and position Imtiaz Super market as a part of user’s daily life.
Not only this, Imtiaz Super Market wanted a life on Social. A life where ISM would Recruit, Retain and Engage users online by providing them with the same services digitally.
The plan devised by TNBT was simple. It was to capitalize on the digital medium to promote brand awareness and generate a strong following on different Social Media Platforms. The strategy revolved around forming a loyal online community where users were entertained on price and product availability queries on Facebook only, saving them the time and effort of visiting and re-visiting the outlet to get their desired product. This way TNBT successfully exploited the social platform of Facebook to drive traffic to the ISM outlets.

TNBT focused more on making a community for Imtiaz Super Market Online .This was done by showing fans the same love and affection which they see on-ground, by answering their queries in real time. Special shoutouts were used as an act of appreciation for the fans. These along with usual interactions were used as a liaison for the brand and users.
The success of the page interactions were seen by the ever increasing no. of active monthly users and the daily new likes on the page.
TNBT not only helped create followers but was also responsible for making loyal brand customers.
This does not end here, with Ramadan starting right after the page launch; TNBT doubled the efforts to increase sales at ISM. TNBT promoted the Ramadan deals in full swing. Picture format along with daily ahadis was used to keep the users engaged along with keeping the spirit on Ramadan alive on the page.To sum it all up, TNBT and ISM’s joint collaboration proved to be a huge success in creating a no. of fans on Social Media and in making those fans regular customers.


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