admin Aug 24, 2015

Faysal Bank hosts their cricket tournaments twice an year and their aim was to use Social Media as a forum to promote their events! Faysal Cricket stepped into the Digital World with the aim to spread awareness, to unite all the cricketing fans at one forum and in turn promote their event. The challenge for TNBT was to create awareness, to keep the fans updated on cricketing news all around the globe, to engage users by getting them to support their team, and to increase the fan base as quickly as possible but getting genuine cricket fans!

TNBT recruited many true cricketing fans and adopted different activities in the process. They made special pages for all the teams participating in the tournament and recruited fans on these pages as well. A heat meter was created on which the users were asked to select the team that they supported. Communication was carried out through these team pages during their matches on the page, which included updates about the match. Post match pictures were posted on the Facebook page, daily a “caption this picture” photo was posted, Videos of the matches were also posted on Youtube.

TNBT succeeded in making more than 36,500 fans on Facebook with an average of 8,000 daily active user. The campaign was a big success and we were able to increase 20,000 fans during the campaign! With this great a number, the page has proved to be quiet a success and it is getting bigger and better. Given the great fan following that has been seen on the page, Faysal Cricket hopes to maintain its interactivity with its fans and promises to always bring something new to the page so that the fans never lose interest!


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